Children's Aerial Hoop (Ages 8-16)

We offer Junior Aerial Hoop Class (Ages 8-11) and Teen Aerial Hoop Class (Ages 11-16).

PLEASE NOTE: We are unable to accept children younger than 8 due to the fact that they are often too small to use the equipment safely. (We do accept children from 5 years old in our floor based Acro classes however).

Our kids classes are suitable for total beginners and are also a great compliment for those who do dancing or gymnastics!

PLEASE NOTE our kids classes are very popular and frequently has a waiting list – please contact us if you would like to join the list. 

WHAT TO WEAR: Children should wear leggings or jogging bottoms with a top that covers their stomach and back and can be tucked into their waist band if necessary. Children can also wear leotards if they wish. PLEASE ENSURE LEGS ARE COVERED with either tights or leggings as legs can sustain friction burns if they are bare. They will be in bare feet. Please also bring a bottle of water.

KL Aerial Fitness Studio 2019

Photography by Dan Habershon-Butcher


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