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Aerial Hoop

Aerial hoop (also known as the Lyra) is a circular steel apparatus (resembling a hula hoop) suspended from the ceiling, on which circus artists perform aerial acrobatics. Our aerial hoop classes are for all abilities and are suitable for total beginners! If you are looking for your first aerial experience we highly recommend starting with aerial hoop as these classes allow you to build your strength up at you own pace. We are also able to lower the equipment to assist those with low upper body strength.

We also run Youth Aerial Hoop (Ages 6-16)

WHAT TO WEAR: Please wear leggings or jogging bottoms with a top that covers your stomach and back and can be tucked into your waist band if necessary. You will be in bare feet. Please also bring a bottle of water.

Our current Adult Aerial Hoop timetable is as follows:

Mon 1.30pm All Levels inc Beginners

Tues 8pm All Levels inc Beginners

Weds 7pm Intermediate/Advanced (Please contact us to check your suitability)

Thurs 7pm Beginner/Improver (For total beginners to those working towards top bar skills)

Thurs 8pm Improver/Intermediate (For those working on top bar and towards more dynamic skills)


First Class = £10 (Enter the code 1STCLASS to redeem when booking)

PAYG = £15 per class (Or £12 for Mon Daytime)


Can be booked using class packs starting at £35 for 3 classes

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