Due to the restriction measures in place for Covid 19 and social distancing we have had to revise our pricing and booking procedures on a TEMPORARY basis.

Classes will currently be offered on a PAYG basis and will be

£10 for Adults (50mins)

£8.50 for Children (45mins)

Classes are also only open to CURRENT STUDENTS ONLY due to there being limited spaces.

We are having run classes this way as it will enable us to make adaptations easier and in the event that we may have to close again.

Thank you for your understanding and as soon as we are able to revert back to our usual pricing and membership system we will do this!


Private tuition is available in all our disciplines. Please contact us for availability and pricing. Pricing varies from £25 upwards depending on the instructor’s experience level.

KL Aerial Fitness Studio 2019

Photography by Dan Habershon-Butcher

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