Pole Fitness

Our pole fitness classes are suitable for EVERYONE aged 16 and above. All abilities, fitness levels, body types are welcome in our classes!

TOTAL BEGINNERS ARE WELCOME – all exercises will be tailored to your own level of fitness and ability!

In our Pole fitness classes you will learn spins, conditioning, tricks and combinations at your own pace. Our classes are a supportive environment where every achievement regardless of how big or small, is celebrated! 

WHAT TO WEAR: Please wear shorts or if you would rather not, a pair of jogging bottoms that can be rolled up to your knees (You will need bare skin to grip on the pole). Please wear a supportive bra along with a vest top or tshirt. You will be in bare feet. Please also bring a bottle of water. 



- Students are now permitted to share poles in class with cleaning and hand sanitizing between turns.

- Students must continue to remain social distanced and step back from the equipment/other person while waiting for their turn. 

- Family members and support bubbles may share equipment without having to social distance.

- Instructors are currently minimizing spotting unless absolutely necessary. Crash mats should be used under equipment.

- Students must clean their mat and pole at the end of the session using the cleaning products provided.

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