Children's Aerial Sling

(Ages 6-16)

PLEASE NOTE: Unfortunately we are not currently taking bookings for new students in our sling classes. This is because the instructor is pregnant and due to go on maternity leave in March. We are hoping to reopen bookings for these later in the year.

As an alternative we recommend our Aerial Hoop (Ages 8-16) or Acro Classes (Ages 5-16). We will also be running workshops over the school holidays in multiple disciplines for children to attend.


Aerial Sling is a long loop of fabric that you can hang from and perform tricks! We find that Aerial Sling is a great place to start for children wanting to do aerial as it is an easy equipment to use for smaller hands and helps the children to feel safe and more supported while they build their strength and skills. Its also a great place to start if children want to do Aerial Hoop or Silks when they are older.

WHAT TO WEAR: Children should wear leggings or jogging bottoms with a top that covers their stomach and back and can be tucked into their waist band if necessary. Children can also wear leotards if they wish. PLEASE ENSURE LEGS ARE COVERED with either tights or leggings as legs can sustain friction burns if they are bare. They will be in bare feet. Please also bring a bottle of water.

KL Aerial Fitness Studio 2019

Photography by Dan Habershon-Butcher


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