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Bungee Fitness Classes

Bungee Fitness is our latest class offering!

Suitable for ages 16+, all fitness levels and abilities, this is a High Intensity (HIIT) class where you perform all exercises attached to a bungee cord.

Bungee workouts are low impact and are even suitable for those with joint issues because the bungee supports your weight and absorbs most of the impact from your movements.

There is NO weight limit for bungee classes, we simply adjust the bungee cords depending on how much support you need and our harnesses come in multiple sizes which are colour coded to be discreet.

What to wear:

We recommend wearing layers for bungee classes such as an extra pair of shorts to provide protection under the harness. Footwear is trainers. Please also bring a bottle of water.

Our current timetable for Bungee Fitness is:

Tues 7pm

Sat 10am


First Class = £10 (Enter code 1STCLASS on our website to redeem)

PAYG = £15 per class


Can be booked using class packs starting at £35 for 3 classes


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