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Youth Aerial Hoop
(Ages 6-16)

Youth Aerial Hoop Classes are suitable for total beginners no previous dance or gymnastics experience required!

Aerial hoop (also known as the Lyra) is a circular steel apparatus (resembling a hula hoop) suspended from the ceiling, on which circus artists perform aerial acrobatics. Our aerial hoop classes are for all abilities and are suitable for total beginners! If you are looking for your first aerial experience we highly recommend starting with aerial hoop as these classes allow you to build your strength up at you own pace.

Our current timetable for Youth Aerial Hoop is:

Mon 5pm (Ages 6-11 Primary School Age)

Mon 6pm (Ages 11-16 Secondary School Age)

PLEASE NOTE THERE IS CURRENTLY A WAITING LIST FOR THESE CLASSES. Please visit out waiting list page to add your details.



Trial Class = £9.50

Monthly Block Bookings = £38 (4 week month), £47.50 (5 week month)

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