Stretch and Flexibility

Stretch class is suitable for everyone! Whether you want to be able to do the splits or just simply want to be able to touch your toes! This is a nice relaxing class which can be used as a compliment to your pole or aerial training! Non pole and aerial students are also welcome to attend this class! 

WHAT TO WEAR: Please wear comfortable clothing that you can move easily in eg. leggings or jogging bottoms. Make sure you wear something you will be warm enough in as it is necessary to keep warm when stretching to prevent injuries. You will be in bare feet. Please also bring a bottle of water.


- Students should continue to remain distanced from each other while undertaking activities.

- Our floors and mats are treated with an anti viral product meaning they may be shared, but students should remain distanced and hand sanitize between turns.

- Family members and support bubbles may share space without having to social distance.

- Instructors are currently minimizing spotting unless absolutely necessary. 

- Students must clean their mat and any stretch blocks or bands at the end of the session using the cleaning products provided.

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