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While it disappoints us to be doing this, we are going to have to make some changes to our pricing structure from 1st July 2022 (or 1st Sept for Children)

As I’m sure most will understand, the increasing cost of living is creating a lot of pressure on everyone. For small businesses like ours, that occupy large buildings, this is making things extremely difficult and our overheads are now at a point where we need to act in order for the studio to remain open and for our business to be viable going forward.

What will be happening?

We will be making changes to our PAYG options.

Our class packs and block booking prices will currently remain UNCHANGED at present. We may have to review this at a later date but for now these will continue as they are for both adults & children.

PAYG prices will be increasing to the following:

Adult Pole or Aerial Classes = £15 for 1hr single class* (The exception to this will be Daytime Classes which will remain at the current price of £12 payg and be treated as "off peak" pricing) from 1st July 2022

Children’s Aerial Classes = £11.50 for 50min single class From 1st Sept 2022.

We have decided on this rate after consulting with other studios/instructors and similar businesses in our local area to ensure that we are remaining fair and in line with what others are doing or are planning to do soon.

What can you do to save money?

-        Adult Classes - Book classes using our class packs and they will remain at £10 per class. We have made our class packs as flexible as possible with them starting at just a minimum of 3 classes and you have 30 days to use your credits up. You can swap them around as much as possible to suit your availability provided it’s before the 24hr cut off.

-        Children’s Classes – Book your child’s space using our monthly block booking option and classes will remain at £8.50 per class. This option also means your child’s space is secure for the full month whereas PAYG doesn’t guarantee a space each week.

What are we doing to help?

-        Optional School Holiday bookings for Children’s Classes - We will also now be offering school holiday attendance as an optional extra rather than included in the basic monthly payment. This means you can still book for a full course and not have to purchase any classes that fall in school holidays if your child won’t be attending.

-        Discounted bookings for first time students – For both adult and child students wanting to book for their first class, we will be offering a discounted rate so they can still book a single class to come and try things out without having to pay more.

-        We will run regular special offers for both our existing and new students to try and provide opportunities to save some money and help people attend sessions.

-        We will be keeping our 24hr cancellation deadline to try and make things as easy as possible for students to switch their classes around to suit their availability. We previously asked for 48hrs as many other businesses do, but we will ensure we keep our deadline at 24hrs.

These changes will come into effect from 1st July 2022 for Adults and 1st Sept for Children.

Thank you very much to all our students for your continued support. This has been a very difficult thing for us to do and the last thing we want is to put financial barriers in people’s way when wanting to attend our classes. However desperate times call for desperate measures if we are going to keep the studio going during the increasing cost of living situation.


Thank you all for your understanding


Studio Owner


- Aerial, Circus and Fitness Classes in Witham, Essex.

- Classes for adults and children from age 6+

- No experience required! We welcome total beginners of all fitness levels!

- Some of the most experienced and qualified instructors in the South East with over 10 years industry experience.

- Fully Equipped, purpose built studio with 4-5m ceilings and safety flooring.

- Fully inclusive studio catering for all, including people with disabilities.

- DBS checked staff.

- Friendly, supportive, no pressure class environment with activities tailored to individual abilities and every achievement is celebrated!