Welcome back to KL Aerial Fitness, we are excited to see you all and have taken some steps to make sure that you our students are safe and that our instructors are safe.
Please read the below and understand and agree to these terms prior to attending any KL Aerial Fitness Class.

Upon registering students are agreeing to our terms set out below:


What KL Aerial Fitness have done and will do!
KL Aerial Fitness have worked hard putting in a process to make you and our staff as safe as possible.
- The space has been deep cleaned and we will be deep cleaning the studio on a regular basis.
- Social Distancing measures have been put into place including clear signage and floor markings, smaller class numbers with 1 person per piece of equipment, and equipment that has been spaced 2m or more apart.

- At the moment there will be no double classes, no reception, no waiting/spectator area and no storage shelves for students belongings.
- Hand Sanitisers have been placed around and cleaning products will be made available.
- All staff have completed COVID 19 Health and safety training. All staff have updated their first aid and have had full training.


Pole Fitness – There will be no more than 4 in a class with each person having their own piece of equipment including the instructor.

Aerial Hoop - There will be no more than 6 in a class with each person having their own piece of equipment including the instructor. Aerial Hoops have been untaped to ensure they can be cleaned thoroughly. We have kept a couple taped just in case anyone particularly wants one and students are also allowed to bring their own hoop as well if they wish – any taped hoops used by students MUST be left for 72hrs plus to ensure the eradication of any bacteria or viruses. For using untaped hoops we recommend wearing cropped leggings that are not made of shiny fabrics and using grip aids such as Dry Hands to combat any sweaty hands (We have this for sale in the studio).

Aerial Silks & Sling - There will be no more than 6 in a class with each person having their own piece of equipment including the instructor. Aerial Silks and Slings CANNOT be cleaned with antibac products so will be machine washed after each use OR left for 72hrs plus to ensure the eradication of any bacteria or viruses. For this reason aerial silks and sling classes WILL NOT be held back to back on the same day and will be spaced throughout the week to ensure cleaning and changing of equipment can take place.


Floor based classes including Stretch and Acro - There will be no more than 6 in a class for Acro and no more than 8 in stretch with each person having their own space to work in, own crash mat and providing their own stretch blocks and bands including the instructor. Care will be taken in acro classes to ensure that students travelling across the room have enough space to work with and avoid collisions and getting too close to each other. Activities such as tumbling will be limited in classes as students are unable to share crash mats or air tracks.

Strict cleaning guidelines and social distancing measures are put into place for all classes.


- Classes will currently be 45mins for children & 50mins for adults to allow for cleaning and students to exit and enter the studio safely.

- We will have 2 metre squares around each piece of equipment or working space. For Acro due to the amount of travelling across the floor spaces will be provided at 200sqft per person to ensure students have enough space to work with and allow for any misjudging of distance.

- The instructor will NOT be able to spot you (even if you are happy to be spotted, our insurance will not cover this), if you are unable to do a move a regression or alternative will be given to you.

- We will be working with track and trace system and so if anyone suspects they have COVID 19 you will be contacted.


What we expect our student to do?

- Book online as usual in advance, if you cannot attend you MUST cancel your space.

- Any credits remaining from the final week of March when we closed are still valid and can be used.


- Cancellations must be made more than 24hrs before a class if you wish to transfer to another day.


- All classes will currently be PAYG in the event that we have to make any timetable adjustments or are forced to close again.


- We will not be accepting new students during the initial opening period to ensure our current students have first refusal on class spaces.


- Memberships and block bookings will be reinstated as soon as we are able to relax restrictions further.

- There will be no waiting room and no changing facilities – you must come to class in your training clothes.


- Students must wait in cars or outside the building, maintaining social distancing and wait until the previous class has finished and all members have filed out of the studio, your instructor will then call you in.

- Please only bring in to the studio essential items (keys, water bottle, phone, grip aids etc) and leave all other belongings in your car. For those who walk/use public transport please bring just a small bag.

- Spectators are currently not permitted in the studio. Children must be dropped off and collected afterwards.

- Please do not congregate before or after class.

- You must wash and sanitize your hands when you enter and when you leave.


- NO food is allowed in the studio.

- On arrival you will be asked to grab a cleaning bottle. We will expect you to clean your equipment, crash mat and allocated space before and after you use this. (except silks and slings – these need to be machine washed).

- Social distancing must be met at all times. Please respect this. Any person refusing to socially distance will be asked to leave.

- NO hugging ☹


-The current advice states that students and instructors do not need to wear masks during class activities, if you wish to wear a mask you are of course welcome to.

If you or any of your household have symptoms you MUST NOT come to class.
If you or your household are ill after attending a session you MUST inform us.
If you are shielding please do not attend class.

We understand that this is very odd but we have to keep these in place to keep everyone safe.


You can also view other information by clicking below



KL Aerial Fitness Studio 2019

Photography by Dan Habershon-Butcher 


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